Peacocks can fly but not very far because they weigh so much. Kind of like chickens/roosters and other poultry.

I see! That makes a lot of sense.

It only came up because we were making fun of a ridiculously inaccurate mural that, among other things, pictured some kind of strange peacock-like bird mid-flight. Also tigers and a monkey with a human face.

I’m going to talk about my story here to perhaps sort out thoughts/seek advice/motivate myself. TW for like. Murder.

(For those who I haven’t talked at length about this too, it’s uuh… Frankenstein. In Space. As a podcast. Yeah.)

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Sonny look, apparently peacocks actually can fly?

Maybe I’m hesitant about writing this bit because I’m kind of introducing a character and immediately killing him for character/plot development purposes which I haaate but I

honestly have no idea how else to do this story? 

Force me to write this goddamn story. 

I’m still stuck at The Really Hard Scene that would’ve been hard to write anyway but I went ahead and changed it a bunch from the original and combined it with another Really Hard Scene and also added in another character I’d never written before so.


sad-twink replied to your photo“The Transformation has begun. (Which is to say I started T)”
(yr hair looks nice)(js)

Aaaaah thank you I’m really enjoying how dopey and curly it is 

Dude, you could totally call your Transformation your Regeneration. :D


I’m quite fond of referring to it as The Metamorphosis.



This dog was bred to hunt BEARS. 

The Caucasian Shepherd who is most popular in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Northern Caucasus, can reach a weight of up to 200 lbs. Cute big guy!

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legendary dog




We’re we.

Here fuck.

We’re shit.

Queer up.


These intricately embroidered 18th century Men’s suits were ornate and stunning.

coat (1780s), pale green 3 piece suit (circa 1775), pink 3 piece suit (1780), frock coat skirt (circa 1760-70), coat and waistcoat (circa 1760-80), teal and gold waist coat (circa 1760), lavender waistcoat (circa 1750-70)